Past Lives

by Holyman

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released January 1, 2007



all rights reserved


Holyman Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: The SOUNDdEVICE - Club Date
I know us meeting like this has gotta stop,
but tell me one thing before you go -
did you like the way I put you in your place?

A lot of people tell me I'm intense,
but you said I was empty upstairs.
I guess it was unexpected when I put you in your place.

I never waste my time with idle talk,
and you never say anything interesting,
but you had to appreciate it when I put you in your place.

The smell of your perfume makes my lungs constrict,
and I can't remember your name to tell you to get away.
It's so loud in here that you think everything's going all right,
and, for some reason, that's fine with me.

So let's just get this over with.
I don't want to talk or kiss or do anything like that,
cause your clothes are already off in my head,
and it don't matter if I don't remember your name,
cause we've only just met,
and I'm already over this in my head,
and already over you in my head.
And don't get mad if I don't remember your name,
cause we've only just met.
Track Name: The SOUNDdEVICE - Caught Up
Got some money now,
I don't need your help.
I'm living in the lap of luxury.

I don't have time to repay you for all the things you've done.
I've got to keep climbing,
so don't think I'm just some heartless fuck who just turned his back on his friends,
cause I've got to keep up with the leaders so I can prove my worth in the end.
But I'm still a mess inside.
I'm just a mess inside,
and now there's no one who cares.

When every man's for himself, everyone's alone.
Consider yourself a lost soul.
Your spirit's gone, you can't rise up.
You feel tied up on the ground,
so please, god, help me find the way back to where I came from in the end.
When I got caught up in myself, I lost touch with all my friends,
And I'm still a mess inside.
I'm just a mess inside,
and I've chased away anyone who cares.
Track Name: The SOUNDdEVICE - The Big Thing
It's dirt.
It's all dirt.

I just want to get close to you,
but I guess everybody wants to get close to you.
I'll tell you all my secrets,
cause I've seen the way looks in there,
and I just gotta get my hands around you

if only for a minute,
I'd be grateful,
if only for a minute,
cause I know I don't deserve this.

I've seen you around.
You're everywhere.
I've seen you around.
You're the big thing now.

Sometimes I think that I'm just wasting my time trying to get to you,
if only for a minute,
to tell you I've figured it all out
to tell you I've given it all up,
but I guess you're going to make me have to die.
Oh, I can't take it anymore -
it's like a test you can't pass,
and you just watch and laugh.
Yeah, I've seen you around.

I can see it when I go to sleep,
and it's big.
Track Name: Pat Foley - The Night The Lights Went Out In New York City
Track Name: Pat Foley - Shut Your Eyes
When the time comes, and we get the chance,
let's loose our minds in a fleeting glimpse.
Then we'll have an excuse for the way that we act,
cause people think people like us are crazy anyway,
and nobody cares about anything except how they feel.

You can find it in the air.
You can find it when you shut your eyes.
Don't think about anything,
then it's there.
Track Name: Pat Foley - When I Have Time On My Hands, I Think
Track Name: Old-fashioned
That is such a lie.
You're busy making cranes.
And I've been feeling a little
sick from all your craning,
and I don't like the way
that everybody's cheating now.
I guess I'm old-fashioned, but
I it's getting a little late,
and I can tell you're getting tired
of old, familiar games.

But I just think your scared of growing old,
or even scared of talking.
I think you should be honest with yourself
before you put your name out there.
I guess I'm old-fashioned, but it's
getting a little late,
and I can
tell you're getting tired...
Track Name: All and Nothing